How To Defy Dust

Eighty percent of the dirt and dust in your house walks in through the door on people’s feet. The right mats placed inside and outside of all entrances to your home will help cut down on cleaning time. Read more →.

How To Use The Right Tools

Microfiber cloths are great for most jobs, but some tasks require a specialist. Try a damp pet sponge to quickly remove pet hair from upholstery and pillows. A dry sponge erases grime from acoustical tiles. Wear cotton gloves and clean mini-blinds by hand. Read more →.

How To Clean Top To Bottom

Clean top to bottom. Clean the house and each room from the top down. Dust first, vacuum last. Vacuum from the farthest inside point of the room and out the door. Never vacuum yourself into a corner. Scrub, wipe and polish in straight lines instead of circles. Read more →.

How To Clean Windows and Mirrors Like a Pro

Clean windows and mirrors like a professional with a microfiber cloth and a few simple steps. You’ll be seeing things a lot more clearly! Read more →.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Get the most out of your spring cleaning by using our spring cleaning checklist. Tackle every room in your house – from bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen to the living room… Read more →.