House Cleaning & Maid Service FAQ

These are the most frequently asked questions our clients ask about getting started with HRRclean’s House Cleaning and Maid Service.

If you’ve had all your questions answered, you can request our custom cleaning service now.

About HRRclean:

Why is hrr Clean the Best House Cleaning and Maid Service

HRR Clean is the best in the Klang Valley because of our people, our commitment, and our very high standards.

As a member of HRR group of companies, we take our job very seriously.

To insure that we understand your needs and to have the best communication possible, all of our employees speak and read Bahasa Malaysia or English.

HRR Clean never subcontracts or uses independent contractors to clean your home.

We have very high standards and go to great lengths to hire the right cleaners. Our maids are thoroughly trained, supervised and receive a medical check before they are allowed to step foot inside your home. We know our maids and you’ll get trusted and legal employees sent to clean your home.

We ask for feedback on your cleaning. Our customer service and near-obsessive desire to please insures consistent and high quality cleaning.

HRR Clean cleans your entire home on each visit. Many other house cleaning services use a rotational system, meaning only one portion of your home gets an in-depth clean on each visit.

We will customize your cleaning services. We take care of all your cleaning needs: heavy duty scrubbing, shining and organizing your home. Let us know what your custom cleaning needs are and we will do our best to do it all.

Our estimates are straight up, honest, detailed and complete. Even when your home cleaning is estimated sight unseen. We make every attempt possible to provide an accurate and honest estimate in good faith and you’ll know the cost, time and what goes into your cleaning.

  • We don’t mess around with hidden charges.
  • We don’t charge a very high rate for one-time cleanings like many other cleaning companies do.
  • We know where the maids are, minute by minute. Our company cars are all outfitted with GPS locators. We can tell you where the house cleaner is every second of the day, even down to the speed they are driving.

We are very proud of our housekeepers, and proud of what we do, and it shows in the house and office cleaning you’ll get.

We are a new kind of cleaning company. HRR Clean is here to make your life easier, let us know how to start.

What is HRR Clean’s Quality Guarantee?

Does 99% work for you?

If something was missed and you are not satisfied with your service, please notify us within 24 hours of the cleaning and we will send the team back out at our expense to correct the problem.

We care about our cleaning services and we’re not satisfied if you’re not. Your house cleaning has a 99% satisfaction guarantee.


HRR Clean workers IS medically fit and undergo Health Screening either by Malaysia Clinics or FOMEMA.

Is hrr Clean workers legally employed?

HRR Clean workers IS legally Employed and It DOES Matter.

Hiring an illegal individual makes the ‘client’ technically and legally an employer, with all the fine, legal, and liability issues that come with it.

The house cleaning industry is rife with many illegal worker, uninsured and unbonded individuals offering services.

There are laws and protection afforded to consumers when using a legal cleaning company with the proper insurance in the Malaysia.

Only licensed & legal companies may carry Personal Accident, Medical Insurance, and bonding insurance protection (though a business license doesn’t guarantee that the company carries all these protections)

Our insurance & bonding covers every cleaner (medical & accident) and care.

Rest assured that you’ll always be covered in the event of any accidents. We’re happy to say we have hundreds of happy customers that continue to use us every month without incident.

No one like it when accidents happen, but they still do. You can relax because OUR WORKERS are covered with Workers Compensation Scheme & Workers Hospitalize Insurance when you use HRRclean.

About HRR Clean’s Cleaning Services:

What Cleaning Services does HRR Clean Provide?

Your entire home is thoroughly cleaned each and every time.

A routine house cleaning is a standard list of services we do after the initial deep cleaning has cleaned up the heavy duty grime.

We straighten the appearance in all rooms. Clean the bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms and all living areas. The house will shine once again when we are through.

Deep cleaning is a heavy duty, detailed house cleaning from top to bottom. It’s a great way to get your damage deposit back when moving out, or to get your home ready to show when you have decided to sell.

A move in cleaning sanitizes your new home and makes everything fresh and clean before you get settled in.

A custom house cleaning is just, well, customized. Do you want us to clean your silk plants, fold your laundry and organize the pantry? Only clean the high traffic areas? Only clean the bathroom? Come in to help out the housekeeper? (we’ve really done this!) Clean to a set cost or time? Polish your silver? (we’ve done this too!) No problem, we’d be happy to!

Anything else hrr Clean can Help With?

We also provide business cleaning services. Office cleaning needs vary between an office setting, a hair salon and exercise facility. We will do what needs to be done to keep your business looking great.

Why does the First House Cleaning Take More Time to Complete?

House cleaning is hard work, especially with a built up layer of grime.

The first time we come out to clean your home or office, the job is scrubbing intensive as we get all areas cleaned to sparkling high standards.

Depending on the initial level of grime and clutter, a first-time cleaning can take 1.50 to 2.0 times longer than your subsequent cleanings. It’s just breaks down to the level of grime and the time it takes to remove it all.

We do not charge a very high rate for one-time cleanings, (as do some companies) but it obviously takes longer to clean a tub or shower that has a lot of build up than a tub that’s been cleaned frequently.

Is There Anything hrr Clean Can’t Clean?

Due to the risks to our employees health we do not clean out cat boxes as they carry a risk of contracting toxoplasmosis.

Blood, vomit and anything else along these lines (either of human or animal origin) needs to be cleaned through a bio-hazard cleaning service.

We can’t wash laundry, but we will fold and put it away if this is requested when you book your cleaning. (Extra time will need to be allotted for this service.)

We clean everything that can be easily reached. This means that we do not do ladder work, but we do use step stools to reach higher items.

Will I Get the Same Maids for each Cleaning?

Of course.

We like to send the same cleaners because they are familiar with your needs, but we can even rotate the maids so you can be sure you have the perfect cleaners just for you.

Since we send out cleaning teams rather than a single person, if someone is sick or on vacation, you can be assured of seeing a familiar face.

Just let us know your preference.

Does HRR. Clean Send a Team of House Cleaners?

HRR Clean sends legally employed workers in a team of 2 to 3 people, depending on the client’s home size and personal preference.

How are my Cleaning Services Estimated and Charged:

How hrr Clean Estimates your House/Office Cleaning

Our fees are based on the actual time it takes to clean your home in 2 hours increments. We have a 2 person, 2 hour minimum (This is the equivalent to 1 single person cleaning 4 hours).

The cleaning estimates we provide are based strictly on the square foot, number of beds, baths, number of occupants, pets, etc.

You can be assured that our house cleaning rate is a good value. We survey other house cleaning company rates regularly to insure that we are very competitive.

Our rates, our guarantee, and our dedication to you remain the same whether you book us for a one-time cleaning or sign up for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly service.

How Other Cleaning Services Estimate and Charge for Services

House cleaning services have 2 primary ways of charging you for the cleaning; either by the job, or by the hour.

When a company is vague about how much time they will spend in your home, ask you to sign a contract, or only provide a set cost; it is usually because their employees are being paid a percentage of the job rather than being paid a fair wage on an hourly basis.

This means that house cleaners who receive a percentage will be paid more per hour the faster they get out of your home. This is a problem because it results in what we call “surface cleaning” and it’s a poor quality, non-detailed, quick wipe down.

We know cleaning companies that use this business model have a constant struggle with an employee’s desire to get the highest wage possible, vs. a quality cleaning job, done right the first time.

HRR Clean compensates our house cleaners fair wages from start to finish for the time they are in your home and our employee wages do not increase if they rush through cleaning your home, as do some other companies, so we avoid this quality problem completely.

How our Cleaning Model Benefits You

Because our cleaners wages are based on merit, the quality of the job, and the satisfaction of our clients, there is no incentive to rush through your cleaning.

Your cost can go down because we don’t continue charging you a higher rate for an easier and less time consuming job. In our experience, the more frequent your cleaning and the more familiar the team is with your home, the less time it can take for your home to be completely cleaned so your charge will be less too.

Our company mission and customer promise is to charge a fair price, provide an exceptional cleaning and to pay our employees fairly for providing you with a quality cleaning.

You can request a HRR cleaning service here.